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ASP.NET MVC Web Application

In order to learn ASP.NET MVC, we will build an Internet application.

Part 1: Create the application.

We will build what

We will build a support add, edit, delete, and list the Internet application database storing information.

We will do what

Visual Web Developer provides a construct Web applications different templates.

We will use Visual Web Developer to create an empty tag with HTML5 MVC Internet applications.

When the blank Internet application is created, we will gradually add code to the application until completed. We will use C # as the programming language, and use the latest Razor server code mark.

Along the way, we will explain the contents of the application code and all components.

Create a Web application

If you have installed Visual Web Developer, start Visual Web Developer and select New Project to create a new project. Otherwise, you can only learn by reading tutorial.

New Project

In the New Project dialog box:

  • OpenVisual C # template
  • Select the templateASP.NET MVC 3 Web Application
  • Set the project name forMvcDemo
  • Set disk location, such asc: \ w3cschool_demo
  • ClickOK

When the New Project dialog box opens:

  • SelectInternet Application template
  • SelectRazor Engine (Razor engine)
  • ChooseHTML5 Markup (HTML5 markup)
  • Click OK

Visual Studio Express will create a project similar to the following:

Mvc Explorer

We will explore the contents of the relevant files and folders in the next chapter of this tutorial.