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Classic ASP - Active Server Pages (Active Server Pages)

ASP, stands for Active Server Pages (Active Server Pages), also known as Classic ASP, in 1998. As Microsoft's first server-side script engine launched.

ASP is a technology that script in Web pages on the Internet server is performed such that.

ASP page file name extension is .asp, typically written in VBScript.

If you want to learn classic ASP, please visit our classic ASP tutorial .


ASP.NET is the next generation ASP. It is not compatible with classic ASP, but may include ASP.NET Classic ASP.

ASP.NET pages are compiled, which makes them run faster than classic ASP.

ASP.NET has better language support, a large set of user controls and XML based components, and the integration of user authentication.

Extension ASP.NET page is .aspx, usually written in VB (Visual Basic) or C # (C sharp).

Controls in ASP.NET can use different languages ​​(including C ++ and Java) to write.

When a browser requests a file ASP.NET, ASP.NET engine reads the file, compile and execute the script file, and the results in regular HTML page returned to the browser.


Razor is a server code embedded in ASP.NET Web Pages new, simple markup syntax, much like classic ASP.

Razor has a traditional ASP.NET features, but is easier to use and easier to learn.

ASP.NET programming language

This tutorial covers the following programming languages:

  • Visual Basic (VB.NET)
  • C # (pronunciation: C sharp)

ASP.NET server technology

This tutorial covers the following server technology

  • Web Pages (Razor syntax)
  • MVC (Model - View - Controller)
  • Web Forms (traditional ASP.NET)

ASP.NET Development Tools

ASP.NET supports the following development tools:

  • WebMatrix
  • Visual Web Developer
  • Visual Studio

In this tutorial, Web Pages tutorial uses WebMatrix, MVC tutorials and Web Forms tutorial uses Visual Web Developer.

ASP.NET file name extensions

  • Classic ASP file name extension .asp
  • ASP.NET file extension .aspx
  • Razor C # syntax for ASP.NET file extension .cshtml
  • Razor VB syntax ASP.NET file extension .vbhtml