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AngularJS ng-mousemove instruction

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AngularJS examples

Executive expression when the mouse pointer moves over the element:

<Div ng-mousemove = "count = count + 1" ng-init = "count = 0"> mouse in my mobile! </ Div>

<H1> {{count}} </ h1>

try it"

Definition and Usage

ng-mousemove tell the operating instructions for AngularJS mouse moves over HTML element to be executed.

ng-mousemove directive does not cover elements native onmousemove event, the event is triggered, ng-mousemoveexpression and native onmousemove event will be executed.


<Element ng-mousemove = "expression "> </ element>

All HTML elements support this instruction.

Parameter Value

value description
expression When moving the mouse to perform expression in the element.

AngularJS Reference Manual AngularJS Reference Manual