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AngularJS examples


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AngularJS examples

<Div ng-app = ""> <P> Name: <input type = "text" ng-model = "name"> </ p> <H1> Hello {{name} } </ h1> </ Div>

try it"

AngularJS basis

My first AngularJS expression
My first instruction AngularJS
My first AngularJS instruction (with valid HTML5)
AngularJS Controllers

Explain the basis of AngularJS

AngularJS expression

Simple expressions
Ng-app does not use the expression
Expressions with numbers
Use ng-bind with numbers
Expressions with strings
Use ng-bind with string
Expression with objects
Use ng-bind with the object
Expression array with
Ng-bind with the use of an array

Expressions explain

AngularJS directives

AngularJS directives
ng-model directive
ng-repeat instruction (with the array)
ng-repeat directive (with objects)

Instructions explain

AngularJS Controllers

AngularJS Controllers
Controller Properties
Controller Functions
JavaScript file controller I
JavaScript file Controller II

The controller explained

AngularJS filter

Expression Filter uppercase
Expression Filter lowercase
Currency filter expression
Command filter orderBy
Input Filter

Filter explain

AngularJS XMLHttpRequest

Read static JSON file

XMLHttpRequest resolve

AngularJS table

A table is displayed (simple)
Tables with CSS styles
Table sorting
Use uppercase filter table
Use the form number
Use even and odd forms

AngularJS - read data from the database

Read data from a MySQL database
Read data from a SQL Server database

AngularJS SQL parsing


ng-disabled instruction
ng-show instructions
ng-hide command

HTML DOM parsing

AngularJS event

ng-click command
ng-hide command
ng-show instructions

HTML parsing events

AngularJS module

In the body of AngularJS module
AngularJS module in the file

AngularJS module parses

AngularJS form

AngularJS form
AngularJS verification

AngularJS analytic form

AngularJS API

AngularJS angular.lowercase ()
AngularJS angular.uppercase ()
AngularJS angular.isString ()
AngularJS angular.isNumber ()

API parsing

AngularJS Bootstrap

AngularJS using Bootstrap
AngularJS using Bootstrap and use contains the files

Bootstrap resolve

AngularJS Applications

AngularJS Application Notes
AngularJS memo application

AngularJS Applications